Thank you for your heart to see a BREAKTHROUGH IN AMERICA … to see AMERICA SAVED! Read on for even more insight into this crucial event and for your opportunity to get involved.

“To cleave” simultaneously means two contradictory things: to split apart, or to covenantally join together.

On July 22-23, Lou Engle (AzusaNow Cleveland) will bring intercessory prayer, worship, unity, and the Gospel to this battleground City and State – Cleveland, Ohio. AND he invited us, Christ for all Nations, to covenantally partner with their efforts.

We are looking for this to be a MASSIVE GATHERING where men and women (of all races, and cultural backgrounds) will set themselves apart as people of faith. We believe that Cleveland can become an awakening rod stretched forth to divide the sea and lead our nation into the promises of God. That’s why Christ for all Nations is thrilled to be partnering with Lou Engle (AzusaNow Cleveland) in these historic meetings in Cleveland.

I’m asking you (and everyone who has a witness to this) . . . to RALLY at the foot of the Cross for the Salvation of our great nation. We may have a few doctrinal differences, but I’m sure we can AGREE that America needs the Gospel like never before. This country needs a fresh surge of Salvation miracles . . . like a tsunami of salvation with signs following.

Please know we will CONTINUE our massive efforts in Africa . . . but I know it’s also time for us to carry-on with our God-given vision for AMERICA. The Gospel Crusade in Cleveland will produce eternity-impacting harvests that can never be measured by dollars or cents. It’s a PRICELESS OPPORTUNITY!

To move forward with this CfaN Cleveland Gospel Crusade, we need:

PRAYER WARRIORS: Men and women who will exercise their faith, pray, intercede, and spiritually stand in the gap for all aspects of this miracle initiative.

ALTAR WORKERS: Men and women who can assist everyone desiring to make a decision to follow Jesus during the altar call. Volunteer here.

STATE SPONSORS: A few individuals who would be 1 of the 4 people in their state to give a sponsorship gift of $1000 (or more) for this historic date. Make your donation below.

CRUSADE SUPPORTERS: Everyone and anyone who is willing to obediently sow a financial seed into the soil of this once-in-a-lifetime miracle gathering. Make your donation below.

The precious funds that we currently have are already earmarked for our soul-winning campaigns in Africa and abroad . . . and we’ll not take away from those monies for these needs. CAN YOU HELP US? In the upcoming weeks, we’re praying and believing for a financial miracle to pull together the funds for this Cleveland Crusade.

Would you please pray and stand in faith with us (in any way that you can) and sow a SEED for SOULS in AMERICA?

© 2017 Christ For All Nations