A Message from Daniel Kolenda

Watch this video from Daniel Kolenda as he shares the story behind The Decade of Double Harvest. In this video discover how together history is waiting to be made as we reach to win 150 million souls for christ.

2017 - From Milestone to Milestone!

Together we have reached over 77 million...and together, we are looking to reach another 75 million souls in the next decade!

Inside the numbers:


Tamale, Ghana

January 26-29

113, 700 registered
Decision Cards

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Today, he answered by Fire as we prayed for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit here in Tamale, Ghana. - DANIEL KOLENDA

A 28-year-old man, who was deaf in the left ear from birth, felt fire come on his ear from the very first shout, and suddenly realized he could hear.

Daloa, Ivory Coast

March 23-26

101, 376 registered
Decision Cards

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If this is not “joy unspeakable and full of glory” then I don’t know what is.

A woman, whose leg was swollen several times the normal size for three years, said that suddenly, during the prayer, the swelling went down. Her leg was completely normal.

Harare, Zimbabwe

JUne 22-25

70,568 registered
Decision Cards

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We preach the Gospel in the middle of a world torn apart by death, pain and sin. - DANIEL KOLENDA

A man, who had a fist-sized lump in his stomach for the last 21 years, said that it instantly vanished during the prayer!

Lagos, Nigeria

November 8-12

1.7 million in total attendance

Asia Tour

Fire Conference. Book Launch of Live Before You Die in Traditional Chinese.

May 19 - June 04

Tokyo, Japan, Jakarta, Indonesia,
and Hong Kong

Experience Israel

Experience Israel

June 8-16

Jerusalem, Israel

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South American Tour

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Aug. 30 - Sept. 03

Fire Conferences

Toronto, Canada.

April 28-29

Curitiba, Brazil.

September 7-9

London, United Kingdom.

November 17–18

More Global Events


July 23

Cleveland, Ohio

School of Evangelism

April 3- 7

Orlando, Florida

Breakfast Meeting

January 21

Edmonton, Canada


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GOD TV Monday – Friday 7:00pm (EST)

This year we continued with our TV Program entitled Good News on GOD TV in Partnership with Christ for all Nations, featuring Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke & Evangelist Daniel Kolenda.



This remarkable desk calendar is filled with colorful and faith inspiring images taken during our crusades in Africa. Each month showcases one-of-a kind photos that will inspire, a Bible verse, key information about our ongoing, worldwide, evangelistic events, plus a list of specific, ministry prayer requests.



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