Help Bring These Giant Screens to Africa!

Update –
September 2017

We have been busy! As we prepare for the Reinhard Bonnke Farewell Crusade in Lagos, Nigeria, we are thrilled to provide a first-look at our giant LED screens! “THANK YOU!” to those who have contributed to our Giant Screens project. There is still work to be done and crucial components yet to be purchased, so it’s not too late to PARTNER WITH US for this important project to help millions to Come and See!

We recently completed our first test set up for the LED screens in United Kingdom! On May 31 our team began assembling the massive structures to support the Giant Screens [See pictures below!]

The purpose of the Giant Screen test was to ensure the various pieces of equipment, supplied from multiple companies, were operating successfully and seamlessly.

    • • Ground anchoring system - allows for the support for the LED screens to be in place, no matter the field conditions we encounter in different countries.

      • Aluminum support structure - enables changes in height suspension for the screens and accommodates for changing wind directions at our open air crusades.

      • Wind-brace mechanisms - used to prevent the screens from swinging back and forth.

      • Header-bars - steel beams used to attach the LED screens and specially designed to work with the wind-brace system.

      • Coupling plates - secure the Giant Screen panels and serve as another means to prevent individual panels from moving.

A brand new media control network and electrical setup was needed to manage these Giant LED screens, as well! Our team who conducted the multi-faceted test was pleased with the results! A few adjustments were made in the testing process and implementation of the screens is on track. There is still a need and opportunity to contribute to the final production costs for these Giant Screens. This will be an integral part of the upcoming Crusade in Lagos, Nigeria!


Let’s Cross the Finish line

FRIENDS, when you hear “GIANT SCREEN”, do you think of movie screens or screens at sporting events? When we at CfaN hear GIANT SCREEN, something else comes to mind…

For over a year, we’ve been talking about a need for a GIANT SCREEN to SERVE the enormous crowds attending our crusades, and we have set aside some designated donations that have already been given for this project . . . yet we are still far short  of what’s actually required to get the job done.

While extremely grateful for the funds received for our ongoing soul-winning campaigns (which are always needed and put to use!), we cannot use funds that are already designated and ear-marked for this additional equipment.

BUT WE HAVE SOME EXCITING NEWS! The time is now RIPE to begin this all-or-nothing project.  Our team has been carefully tracking every technology (around the globe) that is used for massive outdoor screens and we believe the Lord has led us to a fresh and INNOVATIVE option!

The sooner we raise the necessary funds, the sooner we can lock in the pricing, place the equipment order, and see this long-time DREAM becoming a present REALITY to win MANY MORE souls to Christ.

We have found WEATHERPROOF, WIND-PROOF, and DUST-PROOF GIANT SCREEN technology that is EASY to SET-UP and DISASSEMBLE; DURABLE and LIGHT-WEIGHT to transport; and TROUBLE-FREE to maintain and service.



Just take a look below to SEE for yourself the DIFFERENCE a GIANT SCREEN will make at our crusades with HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS attending!

Instead of viewing the platform from a far-removed perspective like this:

Feature Image

Imagine seeing a more personal vantage-point like THIS:

Feature Image


These GIANT SCREENS are made up of 120 individual projection panels. EACH PANEL costs $3,500 Dollars (USD). The PANELS electronically link together to deliver a vivid synchronized image that can easily be seen for hundreds of yards.  It’s breathtaking to behold.

When we say GIANT SCREENS we are talking about a set of:
• 2 MASSIVE LED screens
• 32+ feet (9.6 + meters) wide
• 24+ feet (7+ meters) tall
• Delivering a CLEAR VISUAL IMAGE of 768 square feet (71+ sq meters)!




Unite with us in our resolve to do everything possible to MAXIMIZE the phenomenal open doors that exist right now in Africa. A DEEP, STRONG sense of URGENCY and DETERMINATION has gripped us for this “GIANT SCREEN” campaign.


Your Gift of ANY amount
Your contribution will serve as a tangible reminder to CfaN and the crusade attendees of God’s PROVISION through people like YOU for HIS KINGDOM WORK.

A Gift of $1,750
Your gift of $1,750 will help with the cost of ½ of one panel, and YOUR NAME will be engraved on a dual dedication NAMEPLATE. image

A Gift of $3,500
Your gift of $3,500 will cover an entire panel, and YOUR NAME will be engraved on a dedication NAMEPLATE.

YOUR NAME will continually travel with us WHEREVER we go to preach the Gospel. *A Christ for All Nations representative will contact you on your preferred NAMEPLATE engraving.



We are THRILLED to have found screens suitable for the African climate and extensive travels we conduct for the crusades. The GIANT SCREENS will be utilized for MANY YEARS TO COME! This is an extraordinary task that lies before us, but we are trusting in God to supply this great need that will IMPACT MILLIONS.

Spiritually speaking, it can come down to the 3 life-changing words that Philip said to his friend Nathanael (in John 1:46) when he told him he had found Jesus the Messiah.  He simply said, “COME and SEE.” In other words, Philip was saying “Don’t take my word for it, just come and see for yourself. You’ll believe.

YOUR HELP will let thousands tell their friends,


“YES, count me in! I want to be a part of this milestone, equipment miracle with my BEST GIFT of SCREEN SUPPORT for this worthy undertaking for the Gospel.”

I will sow my BEST gift for the Giant Screens (Select the $50, $100, $500, or Other option below and enter the amount).

I would like to cover ½ the cost of a video Panel for the Giant Screen (select the $1,750 option below).

I would like to cover the cost of at least 1 video Panel for the Giant Screen (select the $3,500 option below).

• If you would like to cover the cost of 2 panels, select the $7,000 option or 3 panels select the $10,500 option below.



Christ for all Nations was founded by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, who is principally known for his Great Gospel Crusades throughout the continent of Africa. The son of a pastor, Reinhard gave his life to the Lord at age nine, and heard the call to the African mission field before he was even a teenager. After attending Bible college in Wales, he became a pastor in Germany for seven years and then went on to start mission work in Africa. It was there, in the small mountain kingdom of Lesotho, that God placed upon his heart the vision of 'the continent of Africa, washed in the precious Blood of Jesus' - an entire continent, from Cape Town to Cairo and from Dakar to Djibouti that needed to be reached and to hear the proclamation of the signs-following Gospel.

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