The coronavirus. COVID-19. Right now the world is not only talking about it non-stop, but is directly feeling its effects in seemingly ever-growing ways. You may already be facing physical or financial challenges yourself. Worse yet, you might be experiencing a spiritual challenge, a debilitating fear – a crisis of faith -- in the face of all of the news coverage and on social media.

If that is you, we have something very special coming designed to help build your faith up and arm you with the Word of God; not only to help you face these challenges, but to thrive and come through with the complete victory that Christ desires for you!

IMMUNE TO FEAR is a 60-Day Bible study featuring carefully selected messages from the writings of evangelist Daniel Kolenda and Reinhard Bonnke. Every day you will receive an email message containing faith-building keys and principles from the Bible that you will be able to immediately apply. By the end of the 60 days, as you’ve allowed the Holy Spirit to comfort, instruct, enlighten, and embolden you, I believe your faith will have grown and your fears will have been conquered!

Each day you will receive powerful messages on vital topics such as:

• How to survive your wilderness season.
• How to unlock the miraculous through prayer.
• How to manage your faith and your feelings.
• How the Holy Spirit keeps you ablaze during difficult times.
• And many other timely studies!