When will the CfaN School of Ministry begin?

Classes for the inaugural, Fall, 2023 semester will begin on August 29th. Additional information about the CfaN School of Ministry can be found on the “INFO PACKET,” which is located on, www.cfansom.org.

What is the cost to attend CfaN SOM?

The tuition at CfaN SOM is $5,100.00 per year.

What program of study does CfaN SOM offer?

CfaN SOM offers an Associate of Arts in Practical Ministry degree. This is a two-year program, with classes being taught onsite at the Christ for all Nations campus in Orlando, Florida.

Does CfaN SOM enroll international students?

We are currently unable to enroll international students. However, our plans include submitting an application to the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). Once we have received SEVP certification, we will be able to enroll internationals.

Is Christ for all Nations School of Ministry (CfaN SOM) an accredited school?

CfaN SOM is not currently accredited. However, the school will operate in compliance an accrediting body (e.g., Association for Biblical Higher Education and/or, Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools). We are working towards becoming an accredited institution.

How do I apply?

Students can apply online at, https://content.cfan.org/school/apply.html

What are the admission requirements?

prospective student is assessed according to academic background, the potential for academic success, moral behavior and character, appreciation for the standards of Christ for all Nations School of Ministry and its mission, along with the student’s own spiritual journey and goals. Visit our apply page at, https://content.cfan.org/school/apply.html

Is financial aid available?

At this time, CfaN SOM is unable to offer Title IV Federal Financial Aid. However, we do offer an early enrollment discount of 10%. In addition, a convenient and affordable payment plan is also available to our students. For more information, please visit our website at, cfansom.org.

Does CfaN SOM offer housing?

At this time the main campus of CfaN SOM does not offer housing. However, we are diligently pursuing permanent housing solutions for our students. We are currently assisting students to secure housing within the surrounding area.

Do you offer online classes?

CfaN SOM is not offering online classes at this time. All of our classes will be taught live at our Christ for all Nations campus, located in Orlando, Florida. The reason that we are not offering online classes at this point is because the accreditation body does not permit us to do so until we receive full accreditation.

What is the academic calendar for classes?

The CfaN SOM academic calendar follows a standard 15-week semester-based academic calendar with one additional week for examinations. Typically, the academic year will follow the schedule listed below:

  • Fall semester is scheduled from late August until the beginning of December.
  • Spring semester begins mid-January and concludes early in May.

What is the normal course load?

The normal course load for a full-time student is 15 semester hours (or, 5 classes) per semester. The minimum load to be considered full-time is 12 semester hours (4 classes) per semester.

Can I transfer my credits to another school?

We are working on articulation agreements that will provide students with the option of transferring some or all of their credits into other accredited institutions.

In the event you require assistance with filling out the application, please contact

Email: sominfo@cfan.org

Phone: +1 (407) 854-4400