August 27th through October 11, 2024

The Christ for All Nations School of Evangelism is designed to train and equip authentic thoroughbred Evangelists for the greatest Harvest in history. We are seeing this harvest take place right before our eyes around the world, but the Lord has given us a very clear mandate – “America must be saved!”. We believe that now is the time and that God is going to sweep this nation with an unprecedented, evangelistic movement bringing about national repentance and a historic harvest of souls! However, as our International School of Evangelism and Bootcamp Director Evangelist Levi Lutz has said, “You can have harvest or excuses, but you can’t have both!”

If God has called you to be an evangelist and this makes your heart burn, then this is your opportunity to be personally trained by the very best! Our core consists of exclusive teachings from both the Christ for all Nations President Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and CfaN Bootcamp Director Evangelist Levi Lutz. As you may know, these two men have personally mentored and led an army of Evangelists across the globe through the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp. Now it is time to raise up an army to reach the United States of America! They will be joined by our SOE Director Evangelist Gary Smith along with some of the most effective soul-winners of our time such as…

  • Todd White
  • Nathan Morris
  • Jeri Hill
  • Eric Gilmour
  • and many more!

These world-renowned veteran instructors will personally train you to reach more souls with the uncompromised preaching of the gospel than you ever thought possible! You will be trained in all aspects of the Evangelistic call from personal evangelism, to booking and preaching in churches, giving effective altar calls, equipping churches for outreach, and conducting large, evangelistic events right here in the USA!

You will also be equipped with the practical skills you need to properly set up and steward your evangelistic ministry.

After the intensive classroom training is complete, you will take part in a 2-week “initiation” where you will have the opportunity to put these skills to work in a major city in America, and see a harvest of souls like you have never experienced before!

Upon Graduation, you will have the opportunity to join the CfaN Evangelism Alliance and begin to collaborate with other highly trained evangelists to launch large-scale evangelistic initiatives across America!

Finally, during your time at the CfaN SOE, you will be graded and evaluated on each task and skill set. The top 15% of graduates who demonstrate a clear call to mass crusade evangelism will receive an opportunity to attend the next CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp.

In the past, it was possible to apply directly to the Bootcamp, but now the training is becoming even more exclusive, and achieving the highest level of success at the SOE is the only way to obtain an invitation-only acceptance into the Evangelism Bootcamp for the most elite “Navy-Seal” International Crusade Evangelists.



Spiritual Formation

Each morning begins with almost 2-hours of prayer and spiritual formation led by Eric Gilmour and other facilitators focused on helping you cultivate a strong foundation of prayer and personal devotions. You will encounter daily spiritual transformation as a vital and necessary part of your daily walk with the Lord. Developing this as a lifestyle will be invaluable in the years to come in your life and evangelistic ministry.

Course Curriculum and Class Schedule:

The remainder of the day will consist of two- 60-minute high-level teachings with a lunch break between each session. These teachings will prepare you for the road ahead as you launch a successful evangelistic ministry. They are designed to develop you as a well-rounded evangelist theologically, ministerially, spiritually, and practically. Each class has been strategically designed to have direct application in the real world. These classes will contain exclusive content taught by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and Evangelist Levi Lutz as well as many other instructors who are some of the most effective evangelists of our time. These teachings are not available anywhere else, and will contain valuable insight and personal mentorship through both live teachings and video teachings.

These high-octane classes will include in-class workshops, preaching exhibitions with real-time feedback from our instructors, outreaches, large-scale evangelistic event trainings, and much more!

The training that you will receive at the CfaN USA School of Evangelism is not only academic but is also extremely practical and effective in developing excellence in personal character and ministry. The SOE will help you take what you learn in the classroom, and translate that to hands-on application in major cities across America!

This is not only education, but you will also receive a powerful impartation and will have the opportunity to be personally mentored by these highly effective Evangelists.


The training at The CfaN School of Evangelism is not just academic, it is also extremely practical. We place an emphasis on developing excellence in the down-to-earth aspects of ministry. Graduates will not only have theological training, they will also know how to plan and conduct Outreaches/Crusades successfully, minister powerfully and run an evangelistic ministry effectively. We ensure this through on-the-job training that applies what is being learned in class to the real world.



Each student will have the opportunity to intern in a specific department of CfaN. This incredible and unique opportunity will provide the student with valuable insights into how a large evangelistic ministry operates from the inside out. Students will have the opportunity to apply for an internship in various departments, which include Television, Media, Accounting, Administration, Event Planning, Marketing, Fundraising, Graphic Design, Youth Ministry, Worship, Urban Outreach, and so much more. Students will be exposed to how a large evangelistic ministry operates behind the scenes and up close.


Local Outreaches:

Local Outreaches are the heartbeat of the evangelist. From the first day on campus, you are NO longer a spectator! Each week every student will conduct strategic evangelistic outreaches throughout the local area. These outreaches will begin as one on one personal evangelism opportunities, and will quickly grow to neighborhood-wide events, street preaching, and gospel truck events. They will also include “seek and save” extraction missions, where those bound by addiction and life-controlling substances are led to Jesus and extracted from these difficult environments and sent to facilities to have a fresh start in their new life in Christ. New converts led to Jesus through the SOE’s various forms of outreach will be plugged into the local church where they will be personally discipled, and begin their new life transformed by the saving power of Jesus Christ!


On-Field Initiation Trip:

After successful completion of the 6 weeks of classroom training, all students will participate in an intense, two-week trip to a major city in America to apply what was learned in the classroom in a real-world setting. Students will need to apply all aspects of the 6 weeks of training in order to be successful in the field.

You will be stretched and pushed beyond your limits! Here you will learn to rely on God’s grace to empower you to do the supernatural. You will be tested spiritually, emotionally, and physically, but it is here that you will experience the power of God flowing through you like never before and the greatest harvest of souls in your life!

In just these two short weeks, you and the entire class will see thousands make decisions for Christ through one on one evangelism, open-air preaching, gospel truck outreaches, and finally through conducting a large, regional evangelistic event!


Once a student has demonstrated the skills necessary to complete this intense evangelistic training and is prepared for life as an Evangelist, they will take part in an incredible CfaN School of Evangelism Graduation ceremony, where family and friends will have the opportunity to celebrate this life-changing moment alongside the evangelists themselves.

…but Graduation is only the beginning! Successful graduates will have the opportunity to join the CfaN Evangelism Alliance and begin to collaborate with their peers to conduct large, corporate evangelistic initiatives across America!

This is the whole purpose of this training - to raise up effective laborers for this last, great end-time harvest.

Now is the time! America shall be saved!
What are you waiting for?



INITIATION TRIP: October 12 - October 25th, 2024

DATES: August 27th - October 11, 2024

LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (CfaN)