Receive Credentials through

Christ for all Nations!

Ministerial Licensing and Ordination Now Offered!

Receive Credentials through Christ for all Nations!

For the very first time, Christ for all Nations is now offering ministerial credentials for licensing and ordination to qualified applicants! YOU are invited to apply!

We do not take this responsibility lightly, as we understand the spiritual and practical importance of ordaining ministers to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The purpose of CfaN credentialing is to ensure that successful applicants meet and maintain the Christian standards necessary to represent CfaN as a credentialed minister. Furthermore, as a credentialed CfaN minister, you will be expected to regularly preach the Gospel, disciple others, carry out ministerial activities and meet with those interested in learning about the Gospel.

As a spiritual covering, Christ for all Nations will expect a high standard from each of our ordained and licensed CfaN ministers. As part of our calling to train and send ministers into the harvest fields, we have developed this credentialing agency to help you minister and touch the world for Jesus.

Cfan Credentialing

Should you apply for Licensing or Ordination?

Anyone may apply and be considered for ministerial licensing. If your application for licensing is accepted and held for two years with Christ for all Nations, you may then apply for ordination (after being licensed for two years). If you are a graduate of the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp you may apply directly for ordination through Christ for all Nations. At this time, immediate applications for ordination will remain exclusive to those closely associated with us.

If you would like to apply for licensing or ordination, select the appropriate option for you below. Please note that both require a detailed application process for consideration and acceptance. We believe this to be a profound responsibility that the Lord is entrusting us with, and this is not something to be taken lightly.

Being ordained in the USA may or may not confer certain legal privileges depending on the laws of your particular country of citizenship.




For anyone who would like to apply for ministerial licensing, and has NOT graduated from CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp.

Apply for Licensing!


*Ordination application only available to those who have successfully graduated from CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp. The credentialing team will verify each applicant.

Apply for Ordination!


Who is eligible to become credentialed through CfaN?

Those who are called to the evangelistic mission of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit to reap a global harvest.

What is the difference between Ordained Minister and Licensed Minister?

Ordained Minister is granted to those with a recognized and proven ministry. It acknowledges the demonstration of the sovereign call of God in a life and is recognized by respected leaders in the body of Christ.

Licensed to Minister is granted to those who have demonstrated both a calling and an ability to minister. They shall give evidence of being actively engaged and have purposed to give themselves wholly to the propagation of the Gospel.

CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp graduates may apply directly for ordained minister credentials. Those who have not completed this school may apply for licensed minister credentials. After successfully completing two years as a licensed minister, the credential holder will have the ability to advance to ordained minister status.

I am in the Global Evangelist Alliance (GEA). Is this the same thing as the CfaN Evangelism Alliance (EA)?

No, these two organizations are different:

Global Evangelist Alliance

GEA is a world-wide network of evangelists affiliated to the Global Empowered21 movement.

Under the umbrella of Empowered21, CfaN was commissioned by apostolic leaders around the world to establish the Global Evangelist Alliance. Daniel Kolenda leads the GEA as Co-Chair together with Jean-Luc Trachsel from International Association of Healing Ministries.

GEA is a network of evangelists from every corner of the globe to collaborate, synergize and work together to see a Global Wave of salvation moving in every continent and every nation of this world! It is a network of collaboration.

We are gathering Mass Crusade Evangelists, Itinerant Evangelists, Aspiring Evangelists, Lay Evangelists, Vocational Evangelists, Missionaries, and those who have a passion to reach the lost - all are welcome!

CfaN Evangelism Alliance (CfaN-EA)

Christ for all Nations Evangelism Alliance was established to form a network with other member evangelists of (what our president and founder, Daniel Kolenda refer to as) the “CfaN tribe.” We provide fellowship, mentoring, equipping for mass evangelism, and ministry training. This is all accomplished through conferences, and teaching material, as well as through our life-changing CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp, and School of Evangelism. More opportunities with member evangelists will also develop by means of future evangelistic campaigns and outreaches.

How long does the credentialing process take?

The approval process for ordained ministers varies depending on how quickly the applicant returns their documents.

The approval process for licensed ministers could take as long as several months. It just depends on the timing of your application. Licensed applicants are required to go through an online interview process as well as attend a virtual 2 Day Training Class that is offered periodically.

How much does it cost to become credentialed through CfaN?

  • The cost for those who qualify as Ordained Ministers (CfaN Bootcamp grads) is as follows:
    $250 Application Fee (this includes first year of membership), $250 Annual Renewal fee after the first year.
  • The cost for those who qualify as Licensed Ministers is as follows:
    $500 Application Fee (this includes first year of membership), $250 Annual Renewal fee after the first year.
    An automatic renewal will be set up for the Annual Renewal Fee
    In addition, credential holders are expected to remain in good standing as a Monthly Ministry Partner (MMP) https://cfan.org/mmp-credentialing

What is a Monthly Ministry Partner (MMP)?

As a monthly MINISTRY PARTNER, you immediately begin to play a key role in CHANGING LIVES. You are partnering with the Soul-Winning Ministry of Christ for all Nations to bring an eternal, life-changing salvation opportunity to men and women every month, all year long.

To learn more and to register as a MMP please click the link below.


What does the Two Day Training Session entail?

This two day training session is designed to introduce you to the ministry of Christ for all Nations and Nations Church!

You will learn about CfaN's rich history as well as the vision that has been cast by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda for the future!

You will hear teaching on the doctrinal positions of this ministry as well as our core values and ministerial ethics.

Additionally you will get to interact with some of the key leadership here at Christ for all Nations.

When will I receive my certificate and card?

Certificates are sent to an off-site printing company once per month (usually at the end). Receipt of your certificate and card depend on which part of the month you complete the credentialing process as well as the geographical location of delivery.

Please expect 2-6 weeks for delivery of your certificate and credential card once you complete the process. An email will be sent to you once your credentials are placed in the mail.

What do I need to do to keep my credentials with CfaN current?

  • Your Annual Renewal Fee of $250 will be deducted automatically in December of every year.
  • Your Monthly Ministry Partnership (MMP) must remain current and regular.
  • You must correspond with a CfaN representative twice per year. (They will reach out to you).

In the event you require assistance with filling out the application, please email the Credentialing Department at

Email: credentials@cfan.org

Phone: 1 888 800-2767

Update on Spring 2021
Evangelism Bootcamp Initiation!

The Spring 2021 Evangelism Bootcamp graduates recently completed an intensive on-field initiation trip in Tanzania! During the three weeks of preaching the Gospel, the class of just over 90 evangelists witnessed more than 300,000 people surrender their lives to Jesus!

Tanzania 2021 Bootcamp

Spring 2021 Bootcamp students have only just arrived in Tanzania!


Tanzania 2021 Bootcamp

Spring 2021 Bootcamp students have only just arrived in Tanzania!


Tanzania 2021 Bootcamp

For three months, Students have been building up a mighty “charge” of Holy Spirit energy and motivation. They couldn’t wait to get to Tanzania and get going with their mission for their 3-week Initiation Trip!


Tanzania 2021 Bootcamp

3 Weeks of amazing stories that are pouring in, from the Bootcamp students themselves


Tanzania 2021 Bootcamp

With five teams of Bootcamp Students ministering in five different cities, we have seen over 119,400 decisions for Christ in just the first week!


Tanzania 2021 Bootcamp

Praise God for these miraculous testimonies and how the Lord has used these incredible CfaN Bootcamp students!


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