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Christ for all Nations – 2022 Video Recap



A Year of Miracles


Kumasi, Ghana

November 10th – 13th, 2022

A massive victory for the Gospel

Kumasi is a huge, sprawling city with over 3.6 million inhabitants. It is one of the most significant places for ancestor worship in Ghana. During preparation, there were many challenges and much opposition, including with getting the permits for the venue and getting our trucks through three borders. But, by the grace of the Lord, we were able to hold the campaign as planned, and it was a massive victory for the kingdom of God.

Our final Gospel Campaign of 2022 ended with a giant exclamation mark! The entire city of Kumasi was turned upside-down by 2,682 outreaches, before the campaign even started. The entire region was shaken in the three weeks before the main event, with 350,693 documented decisions for Jesus.

Almost 120 Bootcamp students were in Ghana for their practical initiation. For many, this was a life-altering time. Their graduation from Bootcamp is not the end, but rather the beginning of many fruitful years in service of the Gospel.

In Kumasi, hundreds of thousands of people received salvation with decision cards still being counted!


I want to tell you the story of three dreams: two of them actual, literal dreams in the night. Both of them came to Reinhard Bonnke in two very different seasons of life; the first when he was very young, just starting out in ministry, and the other near the end of his ministry.

The first dream is well known, the other is not. But both, I believe, are highly prophetic. These two dreams are like golden bookends that encapsulate the life and legacy of one of God’s greatest generals. But moreover, they lead us to a third dream that I want to share with you — my dream.

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A little boy 3 years old had never been able to walk. He was totally healed, and his parents testified that he can now walk!
A woman who came to the crusade with a growth on her leg vanished! She brought pictures of the way her foot looked before, and we were able to compare it. In fact, the shoes she was wearing this night, she was not able to wear on that foot the day before!
A double miracle! A lady who had breast cancer for three years testified that the cancer was now gone! She also was blind for three years, but now she can see.
One lady could not walk properly for over 20 years and suffered with swelling in her legs. The swelling went away, and she was able to jump and run around with Evangelist Virginnia!
A man with severely limited mobility due to a back injury was able to move freely tonight, bend down and touch toes and move with perfect freedom!
A 7-year-old boy who had been paralyzed and crippled because of an accident one year ago was carried to the field. Jesus healed him so completely that not only could he walk properly, he was dancing on the platform!